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Exousia – Department of Electrical & Electronics

On 08.02.19 at 3‟o clock NSITE 2K19 curtain raiser was held at the basketball court.


CORNER OF CHAOS was the highlight event of our department. The horror room was setup at Bhaskara room number 111,112.Students have made their maximum effort with dedication ard worked a lot and the hard work doesn‟t gone vain. On 13th and 14th the show was successful and the ticket counters were full from 9am to 6.30 pm.

Every visitors had given a good opinion and even the CEO of Nehru group, Dr.P.Krishnakumar had given a handwritten token for excellence and which was a prestigious moment. About 1000 tickets were sold out within 2 days and by considering visitors anxiety to enter the horror room and unable to control the crowd, a permission for conducting the program for one more day was being granted by our lovable CEO. A grand success was marked by “CORNER OF CHAOS” on NSITE2K19 retrospect. The crown of NSITE 2K19 was occupied by the epidermal feathers of „CORNER OF CHAOS‟, organised by EEE department.


On 13th February 2019, ROBOSTRIKE was held near to basketball court. We have the privilege to say that, this event was conducted for the first time in Kerala and became huge success. A prize worth of 11k was rewarded to the participated 8 teams.

Autonomous Robotics Workshop

On 13.02.19, at Brahmagupta electronics lab and Aryabhatta computer lab, the workshop on AUTONOMOUS ROBOTICS was held. The trainers were from HT INDIA LABS in association with IIT ROORKEE visited and trained the students by the hands on training with the kits and software they brought.


On 13th and 14th Feb at drawing hall, Bashkara block, dominoes show of EEE Dept was held successfully in houseful mode with the effort made by the students. A Game show based on dominoes was also organised on the same day for students based on the student‟s feedback.

Fun Games

Fun games like arrange the cups, solenoid, coin games etc. were organised by our student‟s and there was a huge participation for all the games







KSEB EXPO was conducted at Bhaskara on 13th and 14th February. Electrical transmission line components and still models displayed.

Cochin International Airport Ltd. Modal prepared by EEE students




Tesla Coil made by our student‟sVan-de-Graff generator made by our student‟s

On 14th February, BOMB DIFFUSION competition was held at Bhaskara electronics lab. A prize money of Rs.1000 was rewarded to the winners.

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