KMAT Kerala 2018 MBA Entrance Exam Notifications

The Campus

The prestigious Nehru College of Engineering & Research Centre is located at Pampady, Thiruvil-wamala in Thrissur District, where the famous and ancient Sree Rama Temple is located. This is a serene, natural, beautiful and pollution free hamlet which lies on the banks of the holy river Nila. This area has plenty of folklores and mythological stories behind it. The compound area of Nehru College of Engi-neering & Research Centre on the northern slopes of Thiruvilwamala hill is 40 acres. This terrain belongs to tropical rain forests category. Presently there are a few patches of natural forests, plantations and other vegetations that have been kept in tact in this area. The whole campus has been beautifully landscaped without disturbing natural topography.This gives an impression of Hanging Gardens of Babylon when one looks at it from a distance.

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